Tuesday, 2018-11-13


The following workshops are organized in conjunction with ICPE 2019:

  • 2nd Workshop on Education and Practice of Performance Engineering (WEPPE)

The goal of the Workshop on Education and Practice of Performance Engineering is to bring together University researchers and Industry Performance Engineers to share education and practice experiences. We are interested in creating opportunities to share experiences between researchers that are actively teaching performance engineering and of Performance Engineers that are applying Performance Engineering techniques in industry. Specifically, as ICPE 2019 is located in India, for the 2nd edition we would like to give special attention to researchers and practitioners experiences from Asia and the Pacific.


  • Understanding Internet of Things

Internet of things is the hottest topic for research in world and it has influenced the life of IT world and industries. IoT has rapidly adopted the industries thinking perceptive. Many industries have adopted the IoT technology in the manufacturing processes and in their products. Hence IOT is set to bring a major “Business Disruption” in the way in which the manufacturing, product design and equipment operation will be done in near future. This workshop focuses on detailed program for the IoT device NodeMCU:  Understanding IoT Devices & sensors, and Embedded Systems, Role of Embedded Systems in IoT, Applications of IoT, Interacting computing with NodeMCU , Making Offline & Online Webserver with NodeMCU, Use of Cloud services with NodeMCU, How to make Android Application.


  • 5th International Workshop on Energy-aware Simulation and Modelling (ENERGY-SIM)

The goal of ENERGY-SIM is to exhibit and extend the state of the art in energy-aware simulation and modelling, including novel tools and techniques, and interdisciplinary case studies. We seek to explore, and more deeply understand, new research and development challenges. In particular, we look to identify new requirements arising from Exascale computing, Smart Grid, cyber physical systems, and the Internet of Things to identify how existing energy-aware simulation and modelling approaches must evolve to meet those needs.


  • International Workshop on Visual Analytics in Supercomputing and Performance Engineering (VASPE '19)

VASPE '19 aims at gathering experts from (i) the HPC community, (ii) the PE community, and (iii) the VIS community in order to breed cross-community algorithms, techniques, and systems for analysing and visualizing performance-related data. The workshop shall provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from these mostly disconnected research communities. The participants shall learn about the latest developments in their own as well as adjacent research areas. The seminar shall foster interaction among the participants and establish collaborations between them.