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Airport Transfers

There are four  ways to travel from Mumbai Airport to any destination within the city

  1. Pre-paid taxis: There are official “pre-paid taxi” counters inside the airport before you leave the Terminal building, where you can book and pre-pay for a taxi. The rates are fixed, so the taxi driver can neither refuse your ride, nor can overcharge you. You should book a “cool cab” - an AC Taxi. Follow the signs to find the pick-up point.

  2. Uber/Ola: Uber works as expected in Mumbai and Ola is another taxi aggregator service in India just like Uber. Both Uber and Ola offer airport transfers in a variety of sizes of cars. They can be booked the usual way, from your phone. If your phone is not connected to a data network, Uber/Ola can also be booked at counters inside Terminal 2, and also near their pick up points in the parking lot. Follow signs carefully, Ola and Uber have specific designated pick up points.

  3. Airport transfer arranged by your hotel: Your hotel may arrange airport transfers for you. Check directly with your hotel.

  4. Pre-arranged airport transfer by a ‘tourist taxi’.  ICPE has negotiated the following rates with  MDS CABS.  Please contact Mr. Ajit Singh directly at +91 982 057 9013, or mdscabs(at)gmail(dot)com  to arrange your airport transfer.

            SEDAN CARS

            IITB TO AIRPORT DROP – Rs 650/- ( Rs 750/- Night Charges )

            AIRPORT PICKUP TO IITB – Rs 800/- ( Rs 950/- Night Charges )

            PREMIUM CARS

            IITB TO AIRPORT DROP – Rs 1000/- ( Rs 1100/- Night Charges )

            AIRPORT PICKUP TO IITB – Rs 1250/- ( Rs 1400/- Night Charges )


            IITB TO AIRPORT DROP – Rs 1250/- ( Rs 1350/- Night Charges )

            AIRPORT PICKUP TO IITB – Rs 1500/- ( Rs 1600/- Night Charges )


  • Parking and toll charges extra, 5% GST extra

  • All rates are for air-conditioned cars. Cancellation can be done against the booking before 2 hrs of reporting time by email and phone, other wise bill will be charged against the booking.

  • Waiting charges for airport drop after reporting time:  Till 10 mins free, after that every ½ hr will be charged at the rate of  Rs 75/- . 

  • Airport pickup flight delay if resulted in waiting more than 60 mins: Charged at Rs 75/- per ½ hr.

If you still have any questions or need any special assistance for local transportation, please write to


Getting around within Mumbai

Conference related ferrying from a few main hotels to the conference venue will be arranged. If you want to travel locally on your own, the following are the options in the order of what is best for International visitors -

  • Uber (or the local equivalent, Ola) is your best option to travel locally. At the conference venue and in your hotels, you will have WiFi, but for this option, clearly you will need mobile data while not in these locations. Make sure you get a good international roaming data package before arriving here.

  • Booking a long-term chauffeur-driven rental car. ‘Tourist taxi’ operators can provide cars for rent for half a day, full day or multiple days (MDS cabs  can provide this also, see above for contact details). If you want to tour around Mumbai, we recommend this is as your best option.

    • The long-term rental option is also offered by Ola, this also works out very well, and at shorter notice than the conventional tourist taxi operators.

  • Yellow-black taxis. You can try hailing these for long distances (>10 km), but these drivers are very selective about where they want to go and may refuse rides if the destination is not where they want to go.

  • Yellow-black autorickshaws. These 3-wheelers can be fun rides to zip around short distances (< 5 km) at non-peak hours. In peak hours, it can be hard to find an empty one and these drivers are also selective  about where they want to go.

  • Buses - the “BEST” bus network connects every corner of Mumbai to the other. However, buses can get quite crowded in peak hours, their timings are highly unpredictable. Google Maps are the best option to find routes and timings.

  • Local Trains, Metro - these again, are the lifeline of Mumbai residents but can be daunting to use due to the extreme crowds. Google Maps are the best option to find routes and timings.

  • Walking - this is always an option for short distances, however note that you cannot always count on the availability of sidewalks and safe pedestrian crossings in Mumbai. The conference hotels are walkable in 20-30 minutes, under the same disclaimers.