Sunday, 2021-05-16

Co-Located Events

Three co-located events have been organized for ICPE 2019 Participants. Scroll down or follow  the links for details.

Sunday April 7th, 2019

1. The  TCS Quantum Computing Symposium – bringing thrust to India Quantum Computing effort

Participation free with ICPE 2019 Workshop or  Conference + Workshop registration

2. Performance Engineering Training and Hackathon: “Performance Sherlock” and Simulation Modeling Hackathon

Participation free with ICPE 2019 Conference or  Conference + Workshop registration, but separate registration is required (here) for planning purposes.  

Monday April 8th, 2019

1. India Performance Workshop: Advances in Performance Engineering in India, Performance of AI Frameworks, AI for Performance

Participation free with ICPE 2019 Workshop or  Conference + Workshop registration,

Co-Located Event Abstracts

Sunday April 7th

The  TCS Quantum Computing Symposium – bringing thrust to India Quantum Computing effort

Quantum technologies are evolving with exponential momentum at a cross-disciplinary interface of physics, mathematics, and computer science, which transition some of the properties of quantum mechanics, especially quantum entanglement, quantum superposition and quantum tunneling, into practical applications such as quantum computing, quantum sensors, clocks and metrology, quantum communication (quantum cryptography) and quantum simulation. While the predominant users in the current quantum enterprise market now are in the R&D space, the world at large has started probing applications in industries across banking and financial sectors, pharmaceutical and healthcare, automotive and aviation industries, telecommunication and satellite, cybersecurity, information technology; and others.

The TCS Research & Innovation Quantum Computing Symposium in collaboration with Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and ICPE will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss and debate possible answers to some of the fundamental research problems and to identify the most early industry use cases that can be practically implemented using quantum computing. The symposium is expected to bring together experts in classical and quantum algorithms and experts from high performance computing community to engage, exchange views, network and connect; we call for industry participation as well.

The symposium is designed to help build the network for India Quantum community and identify opportunities for collaboration between academia and industry to push the quantum agenda beyond research into industry applications. The overall plan for the symposium:

·        Hear from the experts.

·        Explain the real state of quantum computing, the motivation and the potential.

·        Talk about potential industrial applications that lend themselves to exploiting the power of quantum computing.